The photogenic Vervet

During my time in South Africa I saw large numbers of Vervet monkeys, in gardens, on the roadside, hanging off gates, in car parks, perched on cars, on golf courses and on occasion up trees. They were very much part of every day life, clearly thought of fondly by some and as more of an irritant by others. Thus, I felt privileged to be able to capture a range of Vervet photos. My challenge is to select a photo from below that captures the mischievous and playful spirit of the Vervet’…

The first group of photos were taken in the garden of a small bungalow in Pietermaritzburg and in and around the suburb of Kloof just to the north of Durban.

These photos were taken in and around the car park area at Cape Vidal in the Isimangaliso Wetlands Park, St Lucia, South Africa. There were large groups of Vervet and at a guess I’d say they were family groups scattered through the car park, the Vidal lodges and in the surrounding trees.

The final photos were taken on the fairways at Durban Country Club. Not quite so easy to focus on taking good photos and play golf…

And finally my favourite photo…

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