Stage 1 complete

Well stage 1 of my journey is complete I’ve arrived safely in Copenhagen and just enjoying a nice cold Carlsberg at Cafe Baaden on the sea front park Amager Strand.

My first impressions of Copenhagen and surrounding area is how flat everywhere is. Apparently there are very few hills in Denmark on any of the islands, could be why cycling is so popular 🙄

This time tomorrow I will be sat in the bar of Hotel Artic, beer in hand taking in the views of Disko Bay and some amazing icebergs – hope they don’t melt before I get there 🤣🤣🤣

Very nice supper and pint of Carlsberg
Check out the cycling and the wooden structured swimming pool in the background – very cool

Yoga on the hillside looking out over the coast


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Love travel, love dramatic landscapes and love meeting new people

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