Day 2 journeying to Ilulissat

The day started early in Copenhagen with a relatively decent breakfast then hopped on the metro to the airport.

Checked in my luggage, cleared customs then headed out to the boarding gate stopping along the way to get my water bottle filled, alas I couldn’t find a coffee shop who would oblige. I ended up buying a bottle. No good trip advisor review for Copenhagen Airport. The ✈️ to Kangerlussuaq was about 4.30 hours.

The flight to Ilulissat another 45 mins in the air, Both flights afforded some amazing views. You could see the glaciers winding there way to the sea. As we neared Disko Bay you could see the icebergs scattered below much like large balls of fluff floating on the sea below.

On arrival at Ilulissat I walked pass the luggage reclaim into airport, the luggage belt was so small I missed it. There were no passport control at the airport just a very nice security lady with a golden lab as a sniffer dog.

Finally arrived at the hotel Artic after 9 hours traveling north. The Disko Bay Icefjord is just breathtaking can’t wait to get up close and personal with it tomorrow. I did go for a short walk but fairly pooped after traveling.

Anyway I treated myself to supper at the hotel. Yum yum Food was top notch, I had a free starter which was sturgeon roe with an asparagus mayo, fresh home baked bread with a mushroom type butter and catfish cooked with pretty flowers for main.

See pics below of today’s travels.

Day 2 complete


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