Day three walk to Sermermiut and City tour Ilulissat

Day three started with a walk from the hotel Arctic down to the World of Greenland office in the centre of Ilulissat. From here I picked up my first tour which was a 3 km hike to Sermermiut. Along the way we saw the remnants of old Inuit settlements and as we approached the UNESCO world Heritage site of Disko Bay – OMG

The Icefjord and the icebergs were ablaze with light sparkling of the sea with the mist in the distance it was amazing. The images below from my phone don’t do justice to the actual scenes but give you a flavour. I could’ve sat on the rocks looking out over the Icefjord all day. Alas all good things need to come to an end at some point and we made our way back to the centre. I then had an hour to spare before my next tour which was a walk around the city. I’m not sure you can actually call Ilulissat a city. With a population of 4500, very small airport and one church. Where I come from it’s more of a village than a city.

During my time between tours I stopped and had a coffee in a little local café. While drinking my coffee I met two very nice Australian ladies (Jill and Gail) and got chatting to them. Long story short I’ve been invited out to Sydney should I ever want to go. Clearly there are some advantages to travelling on your own.

Time in Greenland is now 20.53 and I’m just getting ready for my last tour of the day. I’m heading out at 2130 to pick up a boat tour out onto the icefjord to see the icebergs in the midnight sun.

My camera is packed along with hat, gloves, scarf and big thick coat. Apparently although it’s still sunny at midnight out on the water it can get very very cold. Check out tomorrow’s blog for an update on how today finished.

See below some photos of Ilulissat and particularly the husky who was directing traffic in the city centre.


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