Day 5, Trip to Eqi Glacier, plus additional midnight trip to Icefjord

Day trip to Eqi Glacier, approx 4 hours each way depending on sea ice and then 2 hours in front of glacier watching and listening to it calve
Eqi is a small active glacier that calves smaller chunks of ice quite frequently. The boat stayed at least a kilometre away but you hear and see the ice calve. When the air is released from the ice it sounds like someone shooting a gun, there is a big bang. The first time I heard it I jumped.
Just to prove I was actually there 😀 and yes out on the water and round the ice it was pretty cold 🥶
Some of the scenes were just stunning
View from my hotel room around 1900 just before I set out on my final boat trip to The Icefjord in the midnight sun
View from my room just after midnight, note the differences in colour. Really sad this was my last day in Ilulissat. This has truly been the most amazing place to visit
The flight home awaits at Ilulissat Airport. The Airport and Harbour form the arteries of this small town, as the only routes in and out of the town are by sea and air. In winter time you can go by dog sleigh but all essentials come through these two points.

I guess the test of any good trip is would I go again? Would I recommend the trip to others? I would answer big yes to both questions, my journey to Greenland has been inspirational and the most amazing place on earth I have ever visited. Watch this space for some additional pics which I’ll post when I’ve downloaded them from my big camera.


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