Day 6, Copenhagen

Caught the metro into Copenhagen mid morning and one of the first things I saw was the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ museum. I considered going in but it was very hot, 30 degrees, so decided to look for a canal tour
I soon found Nyhavn – New Harbour and the start of a canal trip round the city. Nyhavn used to be the old fishing port back in the time of Hans Christian Anderson who was deemed to have lived here. However, this area was treated to a facelift in the 80s and 90s and is now full of restaurants, posh boats and lots of people. Today in the heat it was like a beehive of bodies buzzing around.
The canal tour looped around the city taking in most major attractions from palaces to naval boats and impressive church domes, however, for me the fascination was looking at the people and their activities. All along the canal edge you saw people in bathing costumes sunbathing and swimming in the canals. The tour guide on the boat pointed out that it was fine and safe to swim in the canal water. Just after I took this photo I spotted a naturist group swimming naked in the canal – I did a double take but decided against a photo 😂
This area is the poorer section of the city and rather than posh boats you see decorated old ones. I love the house boat in the background very cool.
Check out the youngsters swimming, the boat ties itself to the wooden structure, the kids climb up then jump off, its in the middle of the canal
This was one of my favourite pics today, you have people chilling on their boats, others kayaking down the canal, people with an inflatable for the kids, an inflatable motorboat and our canal boat following them all – it was a crazy day on the water.
It was noticeable that many of that many of the bridges we went under were very low – the tour guide had to keep ducking.
My favourite pic of today, I’m pretty sure the kids were hoping the swan would move so they could have a dip.
Final pic for today. Boat trip finished I headed towards the shopping area. The shopping streets as with the canal were alive with people, all the big brand names had shops, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Channel etc, however, you can find these in any big city what was more interesting was the variety of street artists playing music, operating puppets and bursting into song.

Well all good things must come to an end and tomorrow I fly home. I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip it has been a real adventure. I have also learned that my preference is more towards remote isolated landscapes than busy shopping centres. Copenhagen was great to visit for a day but given the choice I would rather be in Greenland with the icebergs. There is something about a wilderness landscape that touches the soul and lives in ones memory forever. Cities have their characters and landmarks but on a personal level I don’t feel as connected in a city environment as I do in the wild. So watch this space to check out where I’ll be heading next…


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