Reflections on a wilderness desert of ice

My trip to Greenland has come to an end and below are some of the better photos taken on the trip with a Sony RX10.

Having had such an amazing time in Greenland on arriving home I have researched my next trip ‘Antartica’. I am planning to go in November 2020. It is truly not possible to visit only one Polar region of the world without developing a yearning to visit the other. The journey north is complete (for now) and the plan is to head south to Antartica and visit the South Shetland islands and the Antarctic Peninsular. If we get to see whales, seals and some penguins along the way all the better.

My first view of the Icefjord on Disko Bay , Ilulissat, West Greenland
The sky around the ice is full of artic gulls and you can’t fail but to capture them in your photos.
Artic Gull
The light and reflections on the gigantic Icebergs made them look a bit like plastic models. This photo was taken around midnight, when the sun is at its lowest in the Artic.
This was too good a photo op to pass up
The boat adds scale to the Icebergs, some of which were the size of a small village
Sunset on the Icefjord, just stunning
Took this shot early morning on the way to the Eqi Glacier, we were travelling by boat up Davis Straight. The colours of the sky add to the drama and character of the ice. Everywhere you look there were photo opportunities and it was difficult to know which way to point the camera.
This is one of my favourite photos, I love the way the light dances on the ice and creates reflections in reflections, if you look closely not only can you see the Iceberg reflected in the water but you can also see the reflections of the smaller chunks of ice.
This is a block of Black Ice. On the each of tours on the water you get talks on the different types of Ice. The most dangerous for boats is called black ice (see photo above). This type of ice is not as easy to spot as the white icebergs and if you hit this it is like hitting a rock.
Midnight boat trip, lots of hot drinks to keep warm at midnight out on theIcefjord
The scenery and experience of sailing among the Icebergs was truly humbling, there is definitely something primal about being in such a harsh, but exceedingly beautiful environment – if you ever have a chance of visiting this amazing place it is worth every penny.

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